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Traditional Thai Yoga Therapy

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60 minutes $95 $440
75 minutes $110 $510
90 minutes $125 $580
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Thai yoga therapy (Nuad Phaen Boran) integrates the physical and the spiritual, consisting of a series of interactive, flowing movements, stretches and rhythmic massage, along all the body's energy lines and pressure points.

The complete session consists of five body positions; front, back, sides, and sitting. The practitioner always supports the client's body. The session can be performed more dynamically, with stimulating results, like a good Yoga class. Or it can be done gently, in a more soothing manner, depending on the restorative needs or mood of the client.

* Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing to facilitate the flow of movement.


The often deeply meditative experience can result in a profound release from mental and physical stress. Starting at the feet and working up to the head, the technique combines trigger point treatments, acupressure, energy work, stretching, joint mobilization and a series of assisted restorative yoga postures.

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