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Type of Service Single Session
Back Wax $60
Bikini Wax $60
Brazilian Wax $80
Chin Wax $12
Eyebrow Wax $22
Face Wax (Lip, Chin, and Eyebrow) $40
Lip Wax $19
Lip and Chin $22

Safety Protocols

All waxing services including facial waxing require that you wear a mask.

All brushes, spatulas, predispensed products etc. are 100% disposal! All hard surfaces are cleaned with medical grade citrus 2 concentrate or cavacide Naomi is 100% gloved and masked open windows in every treatment room, and rooms are disinfected with alcohol between appointments.

* All prices are subject to change without notice. Prices are per person and any combined service(s) will have additional charges.
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